Monday, November 17, 2008

Trying to hold it together

I'm down 1.8 this week, first time in a while for a loss. But I feel like slowly, it's coming together. I"ve been exercising and meal planning and that seems to be making the difference. Instead of munching my way through a decision, they're already made. So no more snacking. My life is in shambles right now so I'm trying to put the peices together. I just got all of my study material for my licensing test so that project is starting...I just feel like I can't ever catch a break! But I'm staarting to be sucessful at this weight loss thing so I'm just going to ride it!

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Scale Junkie said...

Meal planning is my key to success, I can't do well without it. Once I get that under control the rest falls into place. You can do this!