Sunday, October 19, 2008

I think my scale's defective

I hopped on the scale every morning for the last few days and it has my weight up by 3 pounds I think my scale is mad at eating has been ok, not stellar but I exercised twice this week. I went on a brisk 3 mile walk on Thursday and I went back to gymnastics for the first time in awhile yesterday. I'm sore from gymnastics. I went grocery shopping today so the house is full of great food....that was my problem last week. When I buy fresh stuff, I eat it...and love it...but when I'm living out of the freezer and's all carbs and less nutrition...but I can't afford to shop weekly. Maybe I need to find a way to so that I'm excited to prepare food all week long...I need to start setting goals again and I need to start exercising more. I need a new job too...I come home so burnt and stressed that I can't imagine moving any more but maybe I'll feel better if I start going for walks and hitting up the gym. I think I'll set some goals soon. My sister and I are going to start a contest where who ever doesn't lose the most has to buy the other one something. Finally - I have a bunch of clothes, size 14,16, 18 that don't fit me....I was wondering if any one would like to buy them from me, for cheap...I usually sell them on ebay but I like my readers so much more....most still have tags....they're just taking up space. Let me know!


Brenda said...

Thanks for checking in on me. Looks like we've both been struggling with the weight loss blahs. Glad to hear that we are getting back on track.
About the clothes, I may be interested. I am in 16/18's right now. Have any pics or descriptions? Email me at
Brenda Young
Throwing out the fat clothes.

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