Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Second Nature

First off, I'd like to say sorry to anyone who's been following my blog, although I'm sure it's only one or two people. The last week or so I've felt very uninspired and I owe Heather a big apology since I chided her for using her period as an excuse to be lazy on the diet front when I feel like I'm doing the same thing. So my real question is - why isn't meal planning/prep second nature? If I could just find the inspiration to be more prepared or more motivated to make meals ahead of time, this would be so much easier. Yet I am having a terrible time wrapping myself around this notion at this time! HELP!

Saturday, February 16, 2008


Just a quick post to update...since the last time I gave a weight loss total, I've lost 5 more pounds. If I lose 3 more pounds, I've lost 10% of my body....but as all women know...I have about two weeks before the weight loss slows to a crawl and I start beating myself up about being starving and not losing...but as long as I keep progressing...all will be well. If I surpass 25 pounds, I will successfully have lost the most amount of weight ever!! Thanks to everyone who has been supporting me!

Monday, February 11, 2008


So I bought a new scale on Saturday. It was a fancy schmancy body fat % and body % scale....I figured it would be nice to track those measurements as well. So I took off all my heavy clothes and hopped on and nearly fainted at how high the reading was. In disbelief, I hopped onto my trusty scale and there was a 10 pound difference. I tried the body fat thing and I got error003...which basically meant I was too fat for it to register, until I said I was a man. So then I got Steve to strip and step on the new scale...same thing...sadly. Today at work, I hopped on the old fashioned slide the bar scale. Not happy with the readings, but I'm dressed and I've been awake several hours at this point. I also stepped on our electronic scale at work, same reading as the old fashioned one. I still have the new scale so I figured I'd step on it to see the difference, another 8 pound difference, and the weight said it was my starting weight. I doubt I gained 20 pounds overnight. So I'm returning my new scale. I don't even care if it's more accurate than my old schedule - because either way, I've lost nearly 20 pounds. I'm just a bit disheartened...

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Something Different

Just thought I'd post something different instead of my usual "I'm so fat" musings - hope this provides entertainment and thanks Dawn!

Two names you go by… Megan, Chubbs
Two things you are wearing right now… rubber Mary Janes, because I'm at work, and my watch, because I never leave home without it
Two things you would want (or have) in a relationship…more romance is something I want, unconditional support is something I have
Two of your favorite things to do… Sleep, because I rarely do it enough, travel
Two things you want very badly at the moment… I want the rest of the day to hurry up and be over and I want inner peace with something I've been dealing with personally
Two pets you have or have had… I have two meaty cats right now - Tiggy and Punky...Tiggy's in my first picture
Two things that you did last night… watched Wild Hogs with my husband, had chinese food with Karen, Matt and Derek
Two people you think will fill this out… I'm not even sure who reads my profile, probably no one
Two things you ate today… strawberries and wheat thins
Two people you last talked to… I'm at work now, I just talked to my office mate and my boss
Two things you’re doing tomorrow… work and physical therapy
Two longest car rides… when my best friend and I drove to Texas, on the way to meet my husband after meeting with my ex to pick up some stuff - I got caught in traffic and had no cell phone and he was expecting me to give him a ride home from work - I know he thought the worst about what happened....
Two favorite holidays… Thanksgiving cuz it's my birthday and the 4th of July cuz it's a fun day
Two favorite beverages… diet soda - any flavor and orange juice
Two people no longer alive who you’d like to talk to… my grandfather on my mother's side and my biological mother

So here's some stuff you might not have known about me!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Water Intoxication

So how much water is too much? How much should we drink? Last January, one radio station did a contest called "Hold your Wee for a Wii" and the woman died from Water Intoxication. Water Intoxication is when the plasma in your blood (the liquid part) becomes more than the other parts of blood and this causes an imbalance with all the other electrolytes. It's recommended to drink between 8-10 glasses, but some say you only need 4 since you probably get 4 full glasses out of what you eat. They also say if you're going to the bathroom alot and it's clear, you may be over doing it. But don't you ever have a day where you feel really swollen....I took a weekend off but I didn't go too crazy...but I know it was a high sodium weekend. I could tell by the way my jewelry was fitting and the way that I felt, drained. So I stepped on the scale and the number was high...but I know, if I drink a crazy amount of water, all that bloat goes away and I start feeling human again. So I'm working on my 3rd bottle of water, hoping to get 5 in today and hoping the kidneys don't freak. I've eaten so that should balance my electrolytes and keep the rest of my body happy...here's hoping that tomorrow I won't feel like a Thanksgiving Day Float!!

Weight loss survery

Diet and Weight Survey
Weight (If comfortable revealing):245
Goal Weight:175
Highest Weight:264
Lowest Weight:200
Are you currently dieting?:yes, but more like watching what I eat
What diet do you follow?:I use Fitday, but I'm only counting calories and such, nothing formal
How many calories do you take in daily?:1800-2000
How many fat grams do you take in daily?:50-65
How many carbs do you take in daily?:not too sure
What is your favorite diet meal?:Boneless spare ribs, pasta with light olive oil and garlic and tons of cooked veggies
What are three of your favorite dieting snacks?...#1:any of the 100 calorie packs
3:fresh veggies cut up with ff salad dressing
How many bottles of water do you drink daily?:4, 16.9 oz bottles
Do you take a dietary aid?:yes
If so, What one(s)?:Meridia, it's by prescription only
How long does it take you to eat a meal?:about 5 minutes...not the healthiest but I'm working on it
Do you watch your carbs?:not yet, but I know I'll have to to lose the last bit
Do you watch your sugars?:no...but I'm not a sweets eater
Do you drink Soda?:once a week, and it's diet...soda's not good for weight loss
Do you like any strange low fat foods?:define strange? I like veggies....they're strange to a fat person
What is your favorite fruit?:pineapple
What is your favorite veggie?:carrots
What kind(s) of exercise do you do? Name 5...#1:swimming
4:lifting weights
5:bike riding
What gets you pumped to exercise?:nothing sadly...or I'd do it more often
Do you like exercising?:once I'm doing it
What jeans size are you currently?:20
Shirt size currently?:26...that won't change much
What is your goal jeans size?:10
Your goal shirt size?:large
What body part do you want to look stellar when you are done losing weight?:my face, and my stomach
Why do you want to lose weight?:To be healthier, more attractive, to correct some health issues
Do you think meeting your goal weight will make you happier?:I hope so...or I'll eat everything and have to do it all over again
How do you plan to keep it off?:continue to monitor what I eat, stay active
What is one thing you look forward to being able to do once lose all weight:not feel self conscious all the time
What is the first thing you will do on the day you meet your goal?:celebrate with my hubby...spend some time shopping
Take this survey | Find more surveys
Bzoink - The Original Survey Site

Friday, February 1, 2008


Today were my first measurements, to see how my body is changing. I'm down 5.25 inches, from all over. Not as good as when I was on LA, but definately more weight loss. I ate a lot of food with sodium yeterday so I feel a little poofy. I'm wondering if anyone has any good suggestions on what to eat when you have to eat out. I had a caesar salad with grilled chicken yesterday....it doesn't sound so bad, and there were only two croutons and it wasn't soaked with dressing, but I just couldn't stand to order something plain, or dressing on the side when everyone was eating pasta and seafood and all that good stuff. I'm going to get my hair cut off in three hours, and I'm doing something short, not short short, just above shoulders...which it hasn't been in a very long time. My boss said that everytime I cut my hair, it always looks the same and I want something different...so it's time for a change after losing 18 pounds!